This observational one hour documentary follows the men and women of Ireland whose work schedules take them through the night while the rest of nation sleeps.
It follows them in the course of their work and has discussion and interviews with each of the contributors.

Contributors include:

• Street cleaners Eddie and Frankie from Dublin City Council as they tend to the city streets admist the party revellers of Dublin’s capital.

• Dublin Casino Croupier with compelling insights in the Casino’s regulars.

• Air Traffic Control at Shannon Airport

• Cork Ambulance Paramedics Peter and Imelda who allowed the documentary crew to follow them on their calls over the course of night on the busy streets of Cork City

• Children’s charity Childline worker

• Night Nanny Teresa Boardman helping out a young couple with their new born baby.

• Bat Conversationalist Tina Aughney who tends to the Bat population in rural parts of Ireland.

Originally broadcast on RTÉ Two in October 2013