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The Lives of Mike

The Lives of Mike is an in-depth portrait of this multi-faceted man who captured the hearts of Irish audiences during his broadcasting career, and continues to be remembered with universal fondness. Adored by the public as a charming and lovable rogue, Mike seemed to find success wherever he turned. For Mike however, the journey has been more difficult and challenging.

Mike Murphy's story has been of a man constantly reinventing himself. Never content with a prescribed role, the secure job, or life as a celebrity broadcaster, he always pushed the boundaries. Confounding his critics, Mike moved with apparent ease from comedy sketches and iconic candid camera inserts for The Live Mike to establishing himself as one of RTÉ's most popular Arts broadcasters while also setting up one of Ireland's first independent television production companies. Having achieved such success, Mike left all of it behind to enter the risky world of property development.

Broadcast on RTÉ 1 – October 2008