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The Master’s Apprentice

The Master’s Apprentice – this series of programmes reveals the individual business secrets of some of Ireland’s leading practitioners of the tourism, leisure, culinary and hospitality industry. It seeks to unearth exactly what drives the very best of us to reach for the top and then stay there.

What motivates an individual to push themselves to achieve the very best? What life lessons do the most successful entrepreneurs in their profession learn as they climb the ladder?

In twelve distinct, stand-alone documentaries twelve of Ireland’s highest achieving hospitality gurus take on an apprentice for a week and then work to share their trade secrets with them. The truths and philosophies revealed in The Master’s Apprentice are universal. They apply not only to all professions and businesses, but to every day life. We all begin our life journeys with great ambitions, but only a very few realise and surpass expectations.

Broadcast on RTÉ 1 2007 and 2008

Produced in Association with Fáilte Ireland