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A Bronx Dream

A Bronx Dream is an inspiring look into the lives of 33 children from a Public School in one of the poorest districts of the Bronx, their discovery of Irish Dancing, the Irish Language and their journey to and passion for a country they have only seen in their imagination.

Aged between 7-12 the kids who make up the Keltic Dreams Irish Dance troupe are all African American and Hispanic. They attend a school with metal detectors for weapons at its doors and a 95% poverty rating. They have no connection to Irish culture - or at least they didn’t have until Caroline Duggan from Crumlin in Dublin became their music teacher.

This documentary tells their story. It explores the merging of vastly differing cultures, the binding together of a disparate and socially deprived community in an impoverished district of the Bronx. It tells the individual stories of the children and their families, explores their often dangerous and uninspiring environment and charts their fierce passion for Irish dancing and the relentless efforts of their inspirational teacher.