Date With Fate

‘The future of dating. Literally’

Imagine you had the unique opportunity to take a look into a romantic crystal ball and see how romantic life might possibly look 30 years down the track with a potential partner; ‘Date With Fate’ offers that very opportunity. One singleton gets to select who they’ll date based only on how potential suitors look ‘aged up’ by thirty years. Thanks to genetics experts and huge digitally enhanced images, they’ll weigh up the wrinkles, wade through the grey hairs and double take at the double chins to help decide which four ‘wannabe’ suitors they’ll select to take on a ‘group’ first date.

At the end of the first date an even bigger glimpse of the future awaits. Our singleton must choose only two suitors to take on a real eye opening trip into the future. Via extensive research, career ambitions, educational background, personal wish lists, we create two bespoke ‘future homes’ based on the two potential couples. Our singleton will get to tour around each home, with each of the final two suitors and see what life might be like if they were to hook up. When they open the door to each house, they will be greeted with computer-generated photos of their potential offspring, and pictures of their ‘wedding day’ grace the mantelpiece – was it a castle in Tuscany or a simple civil ceremony at the local registry office? Back from the future, and astounded at two possible lifestyles, our singleton must now make their choice based on what they’ve seen and learnt about the two possible partners – who will she ditch … and who will she date?

Originally broadcast on RTÉ Two in February 2013