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Ireland’s Generation Game

In this series, David McWilliams argues that Ireland’s boom is over and that to avoid catastophe the country must reinvent itself.  Drawing on the experience of real people across Ireland and around the world, on economic trends and statistics and on unique historical precedents, McWilliams demonstrates that Ireland faces its most critical period of instability since independence. The unstoppable forces of globalisation, mountains of personal debt, a faltering property market and an over reliance on American multinationals will combine to bring the booming Irish economy to an abrupt halt.  Worse still, he shows that a new divide has emerged within Irish society, not between left and right or between rich and poor, but between the Old and the Young. The Older Generation, McWilliams argues, have benefitted disproportionatly from the Tiger economy while the Younger Generation are struggling to juggle ever-increasing costs, debts and mounting life pressures.

Broadcast on RTE 1 – Autumn  2007