Ireland’s Greatest

Just who is Ireland’s Greatest?  
Earlier this year a national survey was carried out to find out who is Ireland’s greatest person. This survey produced an eclectic and hotly debated Top 40 of the greatest Irish people of all time. Following thousands of public votes on the RTÉ website the search for Ireland’s Greatest was narrowed down to the final five: Bono, Michael Collins, James Connolly, John Hume and Mary Robinson.

The search for Ireland’s Greatest featured 5 impassioned documentaries, Late Late Show debate and a public vote. The documentaries and debate were driven by five well known personalities who championed the merits of each of the final five. The ultimate winner, voted by public vote was announced on the Late Late Show – the winner of Ireland’s Greatest was John Hume.

Michael McDowell – Michael Collins
Dave Fanning – Bono
Joe Duffy – James Connolly
Miriam O’Callaghan – John Hume
David McWilliams – Mary Robinson

Broadcast on RTÉ 1, Autumn 2010 -