John Connolly – Of Blood and Lost Things

John Connolly – Of Blood and Lost Things traces forty-year-old Connolly’s literary trajectory from jobbing freelance journalist with The Irish Times to publishing superstardom on the sale of his first novel, Every Dead Thing, which launched his flawed protagonist, P.I., Charlie (Bird) Parker. The roots of the novel and its location go back some years to his coverage of the murder of a Sri Lankan prostitute in Dublin and a student summer spent in Portland, Maine.  Using America and American characters in his novels freed Connolly from the expectations that might have awaited an Irish crime novel with the added bonus that the traditions of the American crime genre better suited his interests in themes of compassion, morality, reparation and salvation.

John Connolly – Of Blood and Lost Things features dramatized readings from Connolly’s work with particular emphasis on the character of Parker. The documentary was shot in Ireland and America and with John Connolly’s full cooperation.

Broadcast on RTÉ 1, 2010
1 x one hour documentary