On God’s Mission

From the early 1900s onwards tens of thousands of Irish men and women left their homes to help strangers in foreign lands. The missions became a national project: at a time when the country was impoverished the Irish dug deep to fund their missionary aunts and uncles. The missionaries used this money to build schools, hospitals, universities and countless social and community projects, the very fabric of civilisation, in Asia, Africa and South and Central America

On God’s Mission is landmark television, telling a history that has not been properly told before now. It is a story of incredible adventure, filled with larger than life characters facing impossible odds. It is a story of great socio-cultural relevance to Irish society revealing essential aspects of the nation’s character. And it is a story that continues today with seven thousand Irish missionaries still at work in the field, tens of thousands working for Irish NGOs, supported by millions of locals in 83 countries around the world.

Broadcast on RTÉ 1, 2009
2 X 1 Hour documentaries