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Something magical happened at The Point Theatre in Dublin on April 30th 1994, when a 7 minute interval performance piece for the Eurovision Song Contest astonished the world.

Riverdance went on to become an internationally celebrated music and dance phenomenon. It has been by seen by 18 million people, at 250 venues worldwide in 30 countries, over four continents. It has broken countless box office records and has been viewed by TV audiences exceeding 1.5 billion.

Riverdance - Live from The Point Theatre

Since Riverdance first performed its full stage show in Dublin in 1995, Tyrone has been responsible for all the audio-visual performances relating to the show.

The first recording of the show at The Point Theatre in 1995, with Michael Flatley and Jean Butler as lead dancers was broadcast worldwide and the video Riverdance Live from the Point Theatre went on to be one of the biggest selling music and dance videos of all time.

Riverdance - A Journey

This documentary offers a unique insight into the story behind the creation and making of Riverdance. This documentary follows the show from its beginnings in Dublin, on to London and then all the way to New York as the show became an enormous International box office hit.

Available on DVD and for Broadcast

Riverdance - Live from Radio City Music Hall. New York

With Riverdance breaking all box office records in the US it was fitting that the show be filmed from New York’s most prestigious theatrical venue. Live from Radio City, shot on Super 16 film,  features brand new performance pieces like American Wake, Harbour of the New World, Trading Taps along side the classic timeless pieces such as Riverdance, Thunderstorm and Heartland. This recording features principal dancers Jean Butler and Colin Dunne, Maria Pagès, The Riverdance Irish Dance Troupe, the Riverdance Orchestra, The Riverdance Singers, The Moscow Folk Ballet Company, Tarik Winston, Daniel B. Wooten, Eileen Ivers and Ivan Thomas.

Available on DVD and for Broadcast

Riverdance - Live from Geneva

During one of the show’s many tours of Europe – the show teamed up with broadcaster TSR in Switzerland and recorded a live performance in Geneva.   Lead dancers in this recording are Joanne Doyle and Breandán De Gallaí. Flamenco dancer Yolanda Gonzales Sobrado, the Riverdance Irish Dance Troupe, the Riverdance Orchestra, the Riverdance Singers, the Moscow Folk Ballet Company, Walter ‘Sundance’ Freeman, Rogelio Douglas, Lee Payne and Michael Samuels.

Available on DVD and for Broadcast

The Best of Riverdance and Riverdance 10 Year Documentary

This 2 x hour special performance DVD programme is a mix of the best performances from Riverdance over the last 10 years. It features performance from the original show featuring Jean Butler and Michael Flatley, the original performance from The Eurovision Song Contest, and highlights of the various acts from the shows over the years.

Introduced by Jean Butler,The Best of Riverdance, brings together the stunning highlights and classic performances from the show filmed at various international venues over the previous 10 years.

Highlights include: Reel Around The Sun performed by Michael Flatley and the Riverdance Troupe at the Point Theatre in Dublin, Countess Cathleen performed by Joanne Doyle and the Riverdance Troupe in Geneva, Thunderstorm performed by Pat Roddy and the Riverdance Troupe in Radio City Music Hall, New York, Heartland, performed by Jean Butler and Michael Flatley at the Point Theatre and a very special compilation performance of Riverdance featuring the talents of the shows lead dancers over the past ten years.

Available on DVD and for Broadcast

Riverdance - The 10 Year Documentary

This one-off documentary which is introduced by Gabriel Byrne celebrates the outstanding success of Riverdance. From its early beginnings on an Irish stage to the global phenomenon now in its 10th Anniversary year and about to embark on it’s first tour of Russia.

This 65 minute special charts the shows formation, its expansion and growth to having 3 full time touring shows. It gives an intimate and revealing appraisal of why the show has achieved world-wide creative and commercial success.

Available on DVD and for Broadcast

Riverdance in China

With Riverdance’s first tour our China in 2003 playing in The Great Hall of the People we sent our camera along to witness first hand the extraordinary challenges facing the producers and the production team is mounting such a major international show in the revered home of China’s parliament. It explores the cultural links and contrasts between China and Ireland through the experience of the Riverdance cast and crew and see Riverdance as an important cross-cultural engagement between Ireland and China.

Riverdance - Live from Beijing

Fifteen years since Riverdance first stomped its way onto the world stage thrilling millions of people around the globe and performed throughout the world where is has been experienced live by over 22 million people in well over 10,000 performances in 350 cities in 40 countries over 4 continents.

In December of 2009, Riverdance embarked on a 12 city tour of China, which is a first for any international show. The Chinese audience embraced the show and it played to full houses in all of the 12 cities.

It is astonishing to think 15 years since the full show opened in Dublin on the 9th February 1995 that it should be playing in Beijing 15 years later. So it was fitting that we should celebrate this event with the recording of this new High Definition DVD from the Beijing Exhibition Centre.

Available on DVD and for Broadcast on High Definition