School Around The Corner

School Around the Corner, is a highly successful format which started life in the 1960's as the popular RTÉ radio show and then moving to TV. It was created and presented by Paddy Crosbie. It was revived by Tyrone Productions in the 1990 as a primetime family entertainment show that gives the budding personalities and talents of primary school kids from around the country an opportunity to shine on the small screen. The series has broadcast on RTE, BBC NI and Ulster Television.

Each week presenter Ray D'Arcy welcomes a different school from around the country to studio to chat, perform and display the talents and personality of their school & locality. Kids are chosen from a wide range of schools from around the country.

A selection of schoolchildren from each chosen primary school - generally aged between 4 and 10 - are invited onto the show. The format revolves around them – this is a show where the children are the real stars and the wealth of young talent is there for all to see. While some children chat on the School Around the Corner sofa, others perform a party piece in studio while a larger group will come together to sing the theme tune at the end of the each show.

The School Around the Corner cameras also visit the chosen schools and gets to meet the children and their teachers which is played into the studio show as VT packages.

The most recent series was first broadcast in May 2014