This 8 part young people’s drama series is set in a music academy in Belfast follows the daily lives of young students as they begin their lives in this third level music college.

This edgy, coming of age Series opens with the arrival of a new group – with tensions running high. However, they quickly discover that this place is a teenager’s paradise - miles away from the parents, a promising pool of the opposite sex, a deadly pub down the road. For many this is their first experimentation with sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll – and all the other teenage rites of passage. The core story follows seven very different characters. Arrogant, shy, privileged and struggling, cool and not so cool – but all on the same trouble strewn journey into young adulthood. And they all share a very deep love of music – a bond that will unite them across the series.

Co-Producers: Tyrone Productions/Eo Teilifis/Stirling Film and TV Productions for TG4